The Adventures of Cash and Cortez: Baja Adventure

Cash and Cortez are two brothers from California who have embarked on an adventure traveling around the world for 365 days with Mom and Dad.

These once in a lifetime experiences are captured, embellished and shaped into exciting children’s books that provide a perspective that would only be possible if they had been there.

With the The Adventures of Cash and Cortez: Baja Adventure (Volume 1) you leap into an adventure exploring the world through a kids eyes.

When brothers, Cash and Cortez visit the small village of Popotla, during their Baja California family vacation, fun is not the only thing they will find.

When Cash’s favorite stuffed animal, Kitty, gets stolen by a stray dog, Cash goes to the rescue! What’s Cortez to do? With the aid of a local boy and motivated by worry for Cash’s safety, Cortez gives chase.

But can the three boys rescue Kitty from the slobbery snout of the stray in time? Will Kitty be lost to Cash forever? What other exciting adventures will await the boys in the historical fishing village of Popotla?

Put your sun hat and beach clothes on and join Cash and Cortez in this exhilarating adventure to find out!