Our Story

Welcome to our blog! We are Cash and Cortez. We are two brothers from California on an adventure traveling around the world for 365 days with our Mom and Dad. Join us in our adventure as we live in new countries, explore amazing sights, experience new cultures, meet new people and taste new food.

Our adventure began two years ago when our Mom and Dad started planning our trip. Mom and Dad wanted a chance to take a break from their jobs, travel, play and learn with us. A chance before elementary school begins to take time off from our busy lives and spend the days time with our Mom and Dad, just living and exploring. During our travels our family will also be working projects such as children’s books and kids recipes on our favorite meals in each country.

We are currently traveling through Southern Europe. Our first stop was Barcelona where we saw the famous Gaudi Cathedral, La Sagrada Familia. We then took our first of many trains to France. The train is fun and even has a restaurant where we can get snacks!

We spent a month traveling around France. We traveled to Paris which was beautiful… we got to ride on a huge ferris wheel, saw the Mona Lisa at the Louvre, played in the Jardin des Tuileries and rode a merry-go-round. We spent a day in Dijon where we followed golden owls that led us to all the sights. We really liked Carcassonne; a medieval citadel that was built in the 6th century. It was like staying the night in a castle!

Our next country was Portugal. We stayed in Oporto where we rode a gondola over the city… we traveled to Lisbon and down to the Southern Algarve region where we played on the beach and in the ocean. We loved building sand castles, building slides in the sand and finding seashells. Our next stop, Spain!