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Cash and Cortez
A Baja Adventure

Education through travel is the motto for our books and adventures. We are creating a series of books and articles that are multicultural and share the travel stories our family experience while traveling the world. The goal with our books is to help introduce a new country, sites, geography and local food.

While we are learning the process of making books we have created an eBook titled How to Crowdsource a Children’s Book in 10 Simple Steps. While traditional publishing was the first choice, it wasn’t a good option for our type of project. In our search for an easier and more effective means of publishing, we blended ideas and strategies from the startup world, digital media and film and then fused them into our new children’s adventure travel book.

The Adventures of Cash and Cortez are being translated into a couple of different languages so the series can help with early language learning.

We hope you enjoy our books and articles and enjoy the road!


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