Travel Hacks for Foodies on the Road

Travel Hacks for Foodies on the Road

Just because you are on the road managing a budget doesn’t mean you can’t be a foodie. We do a lot of research for local food experiences but when traveling with a family we also do a bit of cooking.

What’s in our bag? Before we left we built out a travel cooking kit for our long journey. Like most of the items in our bags we wanted a hack that would be low cost but give us a lot of functionality.

The Knife
The first and most important staple in our kit is our knife. We researched professional chefs and found that if they only had one knife it would be a standard chef knife and a pairing knife would be a close second.oxo_chef_knife_world_travel

Dull knifes are dangerous and not much fun to work with so we purchased this little sharpener and it has helped keep a sharp edge for our travels.
We are doing a lot of AirBnB rentals and a decent cooking knife that is remotely sharp is pretty rare. Our kids love fruits and vegetables so we need a decent knife to keep up with them eating. Remember, many of the local markets may be a little different than what you are used to so we have to prepare and cut our meats.

A Thermometer
The knife has a partner in crime and it’s our thermometer. We are surprised how many times we have used this device. We never know what will be in a “kitchen” when we arrive or what the local markets have in the way of meats.

These devices are great whether you are cooking a nice piece of meat or trying to make sure you have your meals are being cooked at the proper temperatures. We have literally cooked on everything from hot plates, to grills to broken burners and we still manage to get our meals cooked correctly.weber_thermometer_travel

When you are on the road for a while and find a shop that has a good looking steak you don’t want to burn your meal or undercook the meal so the kids won’t eat. Another thing you want to concern yourself with is making sure you kill bacteria that can get on meats but not kill your meal.

A Wine Opener
This probably doesn’t need much explanation but nothing like getting skunked when you buy some local beers or tasting the local wine. Not this family.

Wish List

Here are a couple items we wish we had in our kit that we will pick up when we get a chance.

  1. A small can opener! When you can’t eat another noodle or another grain of rice? Find a store where expats shop and get some canned beans or a good albacore tuna. You don’t want to hack the can it’s a pain and tough on your travel knife.
  2. A lighter. Most of the ranges we have used don’t have an igniter or the igniter is broke. If you can cook outside you can never find lighter when you need one.
  3. A mini flashlight for when you are cooking outside or when you throw the power when you are cooking (this happens a lot when traveling abroad).
  4. Salt and pepper. Either little packet thrown in a Ziploc or little travelers.
  5. Ziploc bags can be used for many food projects and saving food but the uses are endless when you are on the road.
  6. Our coffee hacks article has a great list of items we wish we had purchased before our trip.

Armed with a few tools there is no reason you can’t prepare an amazing meal that pairs nicely with your local wine or beer.cash_cortez_cambodia_cooking

We have been driving the last few months so we even picked up a cheap stock pot and use it to carry our groceries. Making stock on the road is pretty easy and healthy for the family.

— Cash Cortez

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