Practical Coffee Tips for Adventurists and Traveling Parents

Practical Coffee Tips for Adventurists and Traveling Parents

A big part of our travel routine is having coffee in the morning. When you travel with little kid’s coffee becomes part of your life and daily preparations. With a little planning you can handle any coffee challenge when you can’t find a spot to get some local coffee.

Depending on your destination every traveler should have some emergency coffee making tools. The tools we have researched will keep you caffeinated after that long flight, for that early morning tour and getting up at dawn with your jet-lagged kids.

If you are used to European styled coffees then many parts of the world will either be an adventure or a bit of a hunt to find your preferred coffee style. Part of the fun with traveling is to try and experiment with different local drinks. But, when there isn’t a shop or around or you get in some remote areas this kit will help you get your fix. Besides, you can save a few bucks if you aren’t buying craft coffees.

Remember many parts of the world still use instant coffee at your hotel or in the little cafes or use coffee styles we aren’t familiar with. It’s fun to try different coffee styles from around the world but sometimes you want a cup of your old faithful.

For example Bali has some of the world’s best coffee so it’s funny when you see instant coffee in many hotels. Not every town is like Ubud with their cool and crafty coffee shops. Bali has amazing coffee but locals drink the coffee grinds with the water so it is little sludgy for our style.

We have noticed that in many non-Europeans countries they like to prepare you coffee with a lot of sugar based on whatever is the popular sugar process is in that country (like sugar cane and many countries). Remember in many parts of the world restaurants and café’s open up later in the day and not at 5:30am when are kids are getting up wanting to play and have breakfast.

The greatest coffee tool in any travelers bag should be a collapsible coffee drip. If your hotel, BnB or AirBnB comes up sTraveler Coffee Driphort you can always make yourself a proper coffee. I know coffee nerds will want to talk about all the cool gadgets that are out there but space is an issue and having a durable solution that has a small footprint will save your life man!

If you really want to cover your bases purchase a couple sealed small coffee packages to hold you over until you can hit a store for new beans.

The Basic Coffee Traveler

  1. Kuissential SlickDrip – Collapsible Silicone Coffee Dripper, Filter Cone
    Traveler Coffee Grinder
  2. Cone Coffee Filter #2 – Natural Brown 100 Count – Coffee filters are not easily purchased in many countries in Southeast Asia.
  3. Coffee grinder by Hario either the traditional Skerton or the Mini (optional). Bag space is precious we get it so fit what you can!

Sometimes we get places that have some appliances to make coffee but many times we are running around trying to create a drip system for our morning coffee. We have come up with some creative solutions on the road but this is our preferred kit.

There are other neat traveling espresso solutions like the Aeropress, Handpresso or the Minipresso for the espresso enthusiasts that travel. We wanted a dead stupid solution that we can use anywhere and our kids wouldn’t break. We have read review where these devices have components that need to be replaced and sometimes break.

A shot out to our buddy Harris who is starting Cardiff Coffee in California. If you are looking for green beans hit him up here at Cardiff Coffee.

— Cash Cortez

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